Re: 359 questions

Posted by Wat_Tyler On 2022/9/4 16:38:40

HH56 wrote:
Thanks. Not sure what engine or model you are thinking of the replacement for but in 53 Packard issued an article on replacing the 356 with a 9 main 327. There were also a couple of followup clarification articles.

If you are doing something on one of your Clippers -- even if it is the 282 -- there might be some pertinent info you could still use in the article when fitting the later engine. The 359 was a bored and stroked 327 9 main so the basic block is the same.

That, my dear man, is the Missing Link in my Think(ing). Now it's just a matter of sieving through the parts book and finding what will fit where.

Gonna need a flywheel for sure.

And yeah, this is for the Clipper 6. It should beat the pants off a 356 when all is said and done. The 356 may have been The Engineer's Engine, but she's a porky lass.

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