Re: 359 questions

Posted by Packard Don On 2022/9/4 21:47:01
The 359 and 327 were more or less the same engine with a different bore and stoke and as far as I recall, all external parts will interchange between them. Keep in mind, though, that the 359's 212 hp rating was based on the aluminum head and those are hard to come by, most having been long ago replaced with one or the other of the cast iron heads.

As for as a manual transmission on the 359, I believe the Ultramatic was optional on the senior 1954 Henney-Packards which came standard with the 359 so obviously without the option, they would have been manual. Since these coaches weighed close to three tons and some even over (my 1952 was 6,200 lbs), just check the parts book for a clutch for a 5413 and see what else it fits.

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