Re: Valve cover bolt washer

Posted by Tim Cole On 2022/9/9 15:30:21
Probably added after over tightening and commensurate leaking. When using genuine cork a valve cover need only be tightened to snug hand tight or enough to squeeze the cork gasket. The Manual says 15-18 lb-ft, but I think that is wrong. The 51-54 spec for the side valve covers is 25-35 lb-inches which means 2-3 lb-ft.

Of course, genuine cork is not an easy thing to get and if NOS has sat on the shelf drying out for 70 years.

What does 2-3 lb-ft work out to by feel? When you are at the grocery take a 2-3 pound package of hamburger and hold in your palm at a 90 degree angle to your bicep. Not a lot.

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