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Posted by Soybeanfarmer1  On 2022/9/21 18:02:42

Fish'n Jim wrote:
I have to surmise that it was sitting for a while as the onset of a grinding noise without some degree of failure is not likely.
Probably time for a bit of old fashion rolling stock maintenance, pull the wheel bearings, inspect the brakes, and lube the chassis, etc. What we keep records for. Instead of going by mileage for maintenance, go by "years/months" when cars sit a long time before we take them out.
We tend to forget that lubricants break down over time and may not be providing their function properly.
In order for a wheel bearing to "grind" all the grease would have to be gone and the balls on dry races. You'd also hear that when the tire was off. A hung brake pad or worn pad that's loose and rubbing. Hand brake stuck, etc.
There's a common mystique with classics that they need to be "original" and as factory, and regular maintenance is neglected. I hear this all the time on other brand sites, too. One guy was wanting to preserve a worn out factory wheel cylinder which he could buy new???? There's a disconnect there.

Yes there definitely is a disconnect, I've seen it first hand with some people at car shows I've talked with. But when I bought this car last year it needed alot of love. It had been sitting at least 4 years at a dealership I've bought it from,and who knows how long before it even got there. no one wanted to fix a head gasket on a 70 year old car! But I changed that, and burns no more coolant so that's a plus. I'll take it apart hopefully this weekend or the next and see what could be causing this issue. I thought I ask you guys since you are much more knowledgeable then me regarding these old packards! I appreciate all the feedback.

Thanks Nathan

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