1941-47 Clipper hood pad

Posted by su8overdrive On 2022/9/21 0:56:00
1941-47 Clipper Master Parts Book lists "Hood pads group 0.0015. Part number front 372165 Rear 373956." Which is it? Confusing, because my car, as it left Detroit, has but one (1) almost halfway down the hood from the front of the car atop each front fender. Steele does not supply. A couple Packardites have suggested Steele's 30-0092-42 for the '48-'50 tubs. But from what I can see online, they lack the original Clipper pad's roll at the outward edge which helps stabilize the hood when locked closed, prevents the long, heavy hood from shifting even incrementally. Packard included that roll for a reason.

However, i do not understand the tubs having six (6) similar pads. There is only one (1) on each side of my car as below. There is nothing else remotely like the below. Just one nearly halfway down the hood's length atop each front fender.

This is for my '47 Super Clipper. Can anyone with a 1946-47 senior Clipper who has replaced this please tell me exactly what you used? But please, no "you getcha a" projects. Thought i'd make my own out of some neoprene sheeting i have, but obviously needs the metal core to hold the recessed screws securely, that roll is there for a reason, and don't want any projects regardless how paltry.

Profound thanks.

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