Re: 1941-47 Clipper hood pad

Posted by HH56 On 2022/9/21 9:44:06
However, i do not understand the tubs having six (6) similar pads. There is only one (1) on each side of my car as below. There is nothing else remotely like the below. Just one nearly halfway down the hood's length atop each front fender.

I am guessing the reason for 3 vs 1 per side is because of the shape of the pad and the size of the hood. Because the Clipper pad has the sharp step and the rounded part as a definite catch for the side load or motion perhaps they felt one would do. Based on how those on our cars have worn, maybe it did not do as well as they expected. With what I think is a larger hood on the tubs they decided to spread the load a bit better. Decided on 3 to more evenly take the weight and side thrust but because there was more than one pad they felt they didn't need the round profile and could get away with the gentle ramp on all of them which was probably easier and cheaper to make. Anyway, my

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