Re: 1941-47 Clipper hood pad

Posted by su8overdrive On 2022/9/21 16:03:45
HH56, as always, a well-reasoned surmise.
The hideous tubs were heavy as they looked, 200 lbs. more than Clippers, which themselves were nearly 200 lbs. heavier than the lightest Packards ever--and best road cars -- the 1940 models, which unfortunately suffered a Detroit bucket mill mien abetted by those chintzy tin hood louvers aping the '38 Buick that ended Packard's three-year win of the Gallop Poll's Most Beautiful Car. Much as i otherwise liked my '40 120.

The tubs' tires were dangerously overloaded with four slim adults even without luggage, and this was long before a third of Americans were clinically morbidly obese.

To some of us, 1935-37 seniors, with their painted grille shells and painted headlight pods were jewels of understatement, made a Rolls-Royce look vulgar. Werner Gubitz with help from outsiders Alexis de Sakhnoffsky and Ray Dietrich created a chiseled, apart from the crowd distinction, the '30s senior Packards making Cadillacs, Lincolns, Pierce-Arrows look inept. Another reason, other than Packard's refinement, smoothness, dependability they were by far the leading choice of the world's embassies and five of the Supreme Court justices. Anyone know what Benjamin Nathan Cardozo, Louis Brandeis, and Harlan Stone drove?

Thank you, sir. Now all I need is to hear from any senior Clipper owner who has replaced those two hood pads, with what, and are they happy.

Dell, as mentioned, Steele does not have the pair for Clippers, but thanks for the warning. PackardDon, Merritt doesn't have any N.O.S. but even if they did, don't see the merit in replacing 76-year-old rubber with more of the same.

So, can any senior Clipper owners who've replaced theirs answer my pair of questions?

Good grief. The silence suggests i'm posing a question about biochemistry or deconstructing great literature. Or is everyone else with a senior Clipper soldiering on with their originals?

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