Re: Zddp question

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2022/9/29 10:58:00
I suggest you do a search of the available literature and stick to the reliable sources like SAE, etc. to answer your questions rather than reiterate a bunch of info that's been posted many times.
ZDDP was around in the late '30s.
I don't put much credence into some of the folklore of the pre-war period as it pertains to mechanical systems. My favorite example is the lead for valves, which was solved by changing metallurgy, not lead. Lots of marketing goo gets into the folklore and is repeated and becomes ingrained as myth.
I have several reports on ZDDP and for the most part, a portion of it volatilizes and goes out the breather, and once the surface is coated, not much else is going to happen. So there's no rationale other than to increase sales, of having very high levels and then you change it anyway? A lot of the other today's additives were not available pre-warsuch as detergents, viscosity modifiers, etc.

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