Re: Zddp question

Posted by Packard Don On 2022/9/30 12:11:38
Not exactly brand loyalty in my case but my father always used Royal Triton in our 1957 Ford and other cars and, as I like the name, I use it too and typically 10-30 or similar. If I’m going to fire up a car that hasn’t been run in years, I used some bulk oil of a similar viscosity after draining the old and changing the filter but after it’s been run for a while that way, I drain and change the filter again, then in goes the Royal Triton.

Years ago I used the then-trendy graphite oil for a while from, I believe, Mobile and still have a couple unopened cans. It was just basic 30 weight and after it got distributed throughout the engine in my 1954 Patrician, it was going nearly 30 mph without pressing the pedal so had to lower the idle speed. Mileage improved to close to 20 mpg as I recall which may also be attributed in part to the multi-tip spark plugs in it to this day. I had heard stories about problems with this oil but never experienced them although one thing is that the oil started out black so difficult to tell when it needed to be changed just by looking at it.

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