Re: New old Packard owner!

Posted by 58L8134 On 2022/10/24 12:31:34
Chiefdan: Welcome! Congratulations on buying a nicely preserved 1951 200 Deluxe. You've come to the right place for correct advice and encouragement.

Please start a project blog in that section to record your progress as you reactivate your Packard. It is also a good place to post your questions. Though, do a search first as so many of the common problems that arise have been thoroughly dealt with and documented for instant answers.

Joining a national Packard club will open up a wealth of knowledge, parts sources and contacts with other Packard owners. The Packard Club (PAC) is most active in the eastern part of the country. Once a member of the national club, we have the East Grand Packards Region which covers most of New York State which I invite you to join as well. Please check East Grand Packards Region which is an open Facebook site for our group.


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