Re: New old Packard owner!

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2022/10/31 19:43:46
Probably want to change/rebuild the master too. Brake fluid turns to puke after that long.
Gotta be able to stop before you can go.
The carb probably needs new ethanol resistant gasket/parts.
I always consider the wiring suspect after 30 years, and you're at 71. So inspect for stiffness and loss of insulation, ampdraw/resistance, etc.
Service all the wheel bearings, ball and u joints, and rear end. That gets overlooked, especially the diff and that gear oil doesn't last forever. I just was involved in a discussion of a guy like yourself that jumped in and drove the wheels off, and then had driveline failure. Word to the wise.
I suspect the rag joint and maybe the steering may need attention too. And suspension parts, lube and replace as needed. It's never a jump in a drive scenario as we think. Time does not stand still if the car does. I'm still dealing with a "driver" that didn't live up to it's billing.
I don't see any issue with attending to the paint, if skilled. Certainly needs cleaned before any wax.
I good story otherwise. Lots of info on this site if you go to the right side and poke around.

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