Re: Fan Belt '47 Custom 356ci

Posted by BDeB On 2022/10/28 20:48:59
Online search found Gates TR 30537 available at reasonable cost from Rockauto and probably Napa as well.
Specified as top width of 7/8" and outside circumference of 54-1/8"

I checked some old original belts and found the following measurements for top width by outside circumference :

Gates 85-T
One at 7/8" x 54-1/8"
One at 15/16" x 53-5/8" (snug fit over only crank and fan pulleys)

Modac (Old NAPA brand) 25-13530 at 15/16"x 54"

I also have a new Dayco 34500 that was purchased many years ago as a replacement for Packard # 395959 used on 1948-50 Custom 8 and found that it is too short and will not fit over only the crank and fan pulleys.
Measured that one and found it to be 1" top width and outside circumference 51-3/8"

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