1951 Horn Tone Too High Resolution

Posted by kunzea On 2022/10/28 17:27:09
I took my "Lo" horn apart. The large disk in the image is screwed onto a threaded rod which is riveted to the horn diaphragm. The disk is shown in the non-energized position. When energized the coil located within the cage pulls the disk down until it stops on the fingers of the cage. The points should open during this travel. This de-energizes the coil and the disk returns due to a metal tab attached above the disk, which wants to be straight. The travel of the disk can be adjusted by loosening the nut directly above it. I don't know how this happened but the disk was too close to the cage. This resulted in a pitch much higher than the "High" horn. The individual horn audio sprectral responses are shown in the attached images. These were captured on an Android app entitled "Spectroid" found on the Google Play Store.

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