Re: Front seat 48-50 repositioning

Posted by Dave O On 2022/11/8 18:52:11
Thank you all for your input. Yesterday I pulled the seat. The bolts were pretty new and shinny, no problems. There is no under seat heater to worry about. The seat was all the way back. after measuring I believe I could get another 4 inches rearward by making a steel plate, bolted to the original holes, with bolts welded to the plate from underneath sicking up for mounting the tracks four inches rearward.
The spring mounting shouldn't be a problem I can just drill out the hole for the spring attachment, and put in an eye bolt adjusted to the added four inches. I never thought about lifting the seat up, this would also give me more length. I will have to experiment a bit. As far as rear seating is concerned. Yes only very small people could ride back there. But I'm the only one who drives the car, so its not a big deal.
As far as the Jaguar is concerned? well what can I say, I never had the chance to squeeze into one.

Thanks; Dave O

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