Re: Late ignition. Timing

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2022/11/8 21:51:41
Without knowing the condition, the vacuum level(number; inches of vacuum) or last tune-up/maintenance can't really say.
Apparently it gets to 55-60 but not as quickly as you expect but doesn't miss/knock or anything?
Too many things can be at issue to tell with this level of info. Intake could be cracked or leaking if the exhaust was bad, or some other undiagnosed mechanical fault. Fuel can be stale or wet, vacuum leaks, advance leak, compression getting bad, clutch adjustment, etc.
I'd "tune it up" put new points, rotor, cap, and plugs and wires(check), set the timing, check/adjust the carb and replace fuel filter and see how it fairs. Top up with some good quality gas. If not good, check the compression.
In the old days, we used to "blow out the carbon" which in effect was a hard run to remove deposits that accumulated from idling and low speed short trips.
Sometimes things improved.

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