Re: Late ignition. Timing

Posted by Ross On 2022/11/9 7:29:10
For sure some basic tuneup steps are in order even before changing any components. A 288 should not be laboring at those speeds.

Make sure the felt pad under the top cover of the air filter has not come loose and is blocking the carb. I've seen that several times.

With the engine idling very slowly check that your timing is at the 7 degree mark. Rev the engine a bit and the timing marks should march a good ways past the pointer. As you snap the throttle shut the marks should immediately jump a good ways back and and then return to 7 degrees as the revs drop. If it does not behave that way, the vacuum advance has failed which will make for very poopy performance.

Your wavering vac gage implies that the idle mixture is way off; you can easily adjust the idle mixture screws to obtain you best reading. A rhythmic drop of the needle indicates a valve problem.

The car doesn't have the faintest idea that it is 73 years old and only wants to be in standard condition. Generally that is easier to achieve for cars than people.

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