Re: Late ignition. Timing

Posted by Paul E. Gallagher On 2022/11/18 10:07:39
Thanks for all of your comments. You members are the best!

I took the car to a local muffler shop and the bolt on one side of the exhaust/manifold connection had flown off. They were able to align the flange but could not get it tight enough. It looked like the original gasket.

I ordered a new gasket from Olson’s and it came in 2 days. Great service!

I returned to the muffler shop this morning and they were able to install the new exhaust flange gasket without any cutting. The gasket looks like a big o-ring and Olson ‘ said in was like the NOS one.

The car now much quieter and running better, I think.
I’m going to try the vacuum gauge again later.
Thanks, again for your help.

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