Re: How to change the bulb(s) on the light switch indicator panel

Posted by HH56 On 2022/11/10 15:03:40
A few years ago a poster who signed in as deskdriver posted a photo where he identified an item as the dash switch label light. I personally cannot confirm this is the case but unless someone else can provide more information you might check your car and see if it has the same setup. It looks to be well hidden under the radio and I cannot say if the radio or switches would need to come out to access it.

Most Packard dash lights used a socket having a flange that pushed into a hole in sheetmetal. To change the bulb the socket needs to be carefully removed sometimes with help of a small flat blade screwdriver because some can be quite tight. Sockets need to be removed gently and come straight out so the bulb glass does not catch on the sheetmetal and break.

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