Re: Pulling the valves

Posted by Rockabilly On 2022/11/21 11:15:55

Ross wrote:
That is usually a sign that the valves on those lifters were stuck. Enough hydraulic pressure developed inside the lifter when the engine was turned over that the barrels have have expanded and are now stuck inside the tappet. Grab the barrel of the lifter violently with a pair of vice grips so as to crush it inward, yank it out of the tappet and discard. It was not any more good anyway. Lo siento mucho.

Hahaha! Here is a man I can relate to. It would make sense since the tapping noise was coming from the front and middle of the engine when I did my long screwdriver stethoscope trick. Each of those locations have a frozen lifter cylinder inside of the tappet. I'll be sure to give that a try. I was going to get a little beat of heat into the tappet as well to see if it helps loosen it up.

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