Re: Fuel Gage not working all of a sudden

Posted by HH56 On 2022/11/25 0:19:18
The 51-56 senders should read approximately 70-75 ohms at empty and around 10 at full. If the tank is full the 8 ohms would be about right.

Grounding the wire to the gauge should have caused the needle to gradually move all the way up past the full mark Not a quick jump movement but as the heater warms the bimetal a reasonably fast and smooth climb. Since the temp and fuel gauges are fed with the same wire from the instrument regulator and the temp gauge works we can assume the regulator is working. Depending on where the gauge was grounded for the test, if at the tank and no movement could mean a bad or disconnected wire going to the gauge. If you grounded at the sender terminal on the gauge then a bad gauge. If a short developed somewhere in the wire and the gauge was at a hard ground for more than a fairly short amount of time it could have burned out. If there was some kind of hard jar to the cluster the needle could have jumped out of position or off a support or is touching the glass.

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