Re: Rescued

Posted by Ross On 2022/12/30 8:17:22
I'm guessing it was a running car at the time it was painted, and with the good dry storage you will not have too much trouble getting the engine fired up.

Before you fire, check the fluid level of the trans--left front corner of the case, and very awkward. As long as there is something showing on the stick you are OK to start. After it has run a bit the convertor will refill and I can guarantee you will need to add some Type F ATF to bring it up to level. It would not be a bad idea to have the trans in N and the rear wheels up so it can spin along with engine and let the fluid find its way into all the bushings. After that, you will just have to drive it and see what happens. Seals are readily available if needed. Of course, if you need to yank the engine, bring the trans out with it and do a reseal job.

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