Re: Lever thingy on exhaust manifold?

Posted by HH56 On 2023/1/12 9:52:59
No wire needed as gravity is your friend in this case!

I would agree except for extra insurance I would still make sure it stays down.

Heat riser valves usually get stuck because of rust or corrosion around the shaft. If enough of a jarring action or even centrifugal force overcame gravity and caused the weight to bounce or move upward enough to close the valve, if the shaft is partially sticking and another jolt does not come along soon enough to help it move, the weight alone might not be heavy enough for gravity to bring it far enough down again to fully open the valve.

A partially closed heat riser valve can still result in overheating and burned exhaust valves so a piece of wire is cheap insurance that even an unlikely scenario of a jolt closing the valve won't happen.

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