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Posted by HH56 On 2023/1/11 13:43:45
Locking in gear and other shift linkage issues are a well known problems with the Packard linkage.

I would suggest having a look at the Factory Service Index and select the transmission and overdrive category, then go thru the service articles on any gearshift and linkage issues starting with the 41-47 Clipper continuing up thru the 48-50 models. The linkage geometry on those models is identical and adjustment and issues will be the same.

Check for linkage wear at the various connections as that is a large issue. If that appears good then follow the procedure in doing the adjustment. A couple of things not mentioned would be a small oil hole on the side of the shift tube that should get a few drops of oil periodically. The larger issue is the complete lack of lubrication on the upper 2-3 lever at the base of the steering column. If that is sticking and not completely free to independently rotate on the shift tube it can cause numerous difficulties. To lube that lever you will need to apply oil directly to the top of the lever and have it run down the shift tube and get in the space around the lever. For good access the upper retaining clip and washer may need to be temporarily removed so oil can be directly applied on the tube and lever.

Since you can move the operator lever but apparently nothing happens I would also disconnect the linkage at the bottom levers and verify the small selector tongue that selects the bottom R-1 or upper 2-3 lever is still working. In normal operation, the upper lever is always connected to the shift tube via the selector tong which is held up by a spring. When you pull back on the operator lever, the tongue moves downward to select and move the R-1 lever. It is held to the select rod by a roll pin and that or the tongue itself could have broken.

If you disconnect the linkage at the transmission and still cannot move the levers at the trans then there is a good possibility the interlock block or associated parts inside the transmission case has an issue. Wear in other units has resulted in one or more of the ball detents or a lockout plug or even a spring jumping out of position and binding the mechanism.

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