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Posted by HH56 On 2023/1/11 14:39:35
Not being able to move the operator lever at all sounds very much like the upper lever at the bottom of the steering column has seized from lack of lube.

I would suggest as a first step to disconnect the two rods going over to the idler assy and verify you can easily rotate each lever on the shift tube by itself. With the operator lever untouched and in the normal position, you should be able to grab the bottom R-1 lever and rotate it freely on the shift tube. Because the selector is always parked in the upper lever, trying to move it will also move the operator lever. To check the upper lever, keep the operator lever at the neutral position but have someone pull it straight back as if it were going to shift into R or 1 and hold it back. The upper 2-3 lever should then be free to easily hand rotate on the tube. There should be absolutely no roughness or stickiness felt on either lever.

If the upper lever has seized and both levers try to turn at the same time, with one gear already in use the interlock in the trans does its job and prevents any farther gearshift selection. Because of the lever and rod geometry if you are in R or 1, even if you try to go back and get out of one of those, 2-3 will move more quickly and want to override so it will try to shift into 2 or 3 and interlock will come into play.

If things are OK with the levers being free then do the checks of the linkage for wear and adjustment as per the other posting. As a preventive, even if the levers are free it has probably been years since they have seen any lube so it would be a good idea to apply a few drops of ordinary motor oil.

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