Re: Tire size

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2023/1/24 11:25:52
Part of the issue with fitment is a 8" tread is not 235. 8 converts to 203 mm. But 235's what they like to sell over there.
The other is profile/aspect ratio of the bias versus the radials. The bias were something north of 75 but under 80, but 75's about all that you can get now.
One way to overcome this is mounting the tire from underneath the drum and picking it up into the wheel well, instead of trying to cram it in width-wise. The clearance is better that way.
The radials made in the OEM bias molds are supposed to not have this issue, but I didn't find much difference and I used 215s on the Cad. It was just a design thing back then, they could care less if one had a flat on the road. Style over function.

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