1950 327 with Ultramatic - Idle Speed

Posted by Joe On 2023/2/3 18:56:54
Hey all,

Enjoying my Super Deluxe 8 a lot! Recently had a couple issues corrected on my carburetor and trying to get it dialed in. Question on setting the idle speed. For setting the timing, manual says between 450 and 500. Got it. I've read on the 24th, the suggestion was to set the idle to 375 with the vehicle in high. Got it. When I set the idle to 375 in high on my 23rd, the RPM guns up 650-700 when I put it in park. Seems SO fast, and I haven't found anything specific the 23rd series with the Ultramatic. Should 375 indeed be my target speed, or should it be slowed to the speed used to set timing (450-500). Thanks, all!

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