Re: 1950 327 with Ultramatic - Idle Speed

Posted by Joe On 2023/2/4 1:16:55
Thanks for this, Howard! I took the throttle body assembly apart tonight, found that the plates were definitely binding up. Loosened the screws on the plates and adjusted them so the throttle assembly moves freely. Other than that, nothing was noticeably off on the throttle body. I did also notice the cotterpin on the vacuum piston wasn't in the right place and causing the pin that holds the metering rods getting caught up on the anti-perc arm. Fixed that, too.

Still found myself in the (generally) same place, though. Basically, going into High cuts the engine speed in half. Or vice versa (engine speed doubles going into park).

I know my timing is locked in. I'm going to try switching out my plugs for some fresh ones to take ignition out of the equation. Manifold vacuum is 20 hg in Park once the engine is warm (drops to around 15 in High); holds steady.

Will chase the throttle valve linkage you were talking about tomorrow. Are there lube points to eliminate the possibility of sticking?

Thanks again!

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