Re: 1950 327 with Ultramatic - Idle Speed

Posted by Joe On 2023/2/6 23:16:25
Thanks, guys! Super helpful. I ended up making several adjustments to the anti-percolator, both bending the arms down so they interact with the studs, and lowering the tongue so it no longer interferes with the vacuum piston and the metering rods fully seat in the jet when under vacuum. At the very least, the anti-perc seem to elimate the brief "gurgle" I'd get after revving in park. The engine speeds did get closer, too - 330 in high to about 520 in park. A lot better than it gunning up to 700.

Howard - looking at your picture, the big difference I see is your fast idle screw. I've found on mine that when I try to adjust this, the choke plate just gets stuck and can no longer fully open. Not sure what time doing wrong with that, but I just have the screw backed out so it doesn't interfere with the operation of the choke.

Jerome asked how I'm measuring engine speed. I'm using a digital photo sensor, with the reflective tape on the belt. A better place/tool for this operation?

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