Re: Electrical systems

Posted by HH56 On 2023/2/5 18:28:34
That is an odd shaped capacitor. I don't know where you would find something like that today if it does need replacing and not sure I would trust anything in an old NOS capacitor if you did find one.

Problem with testing auto capacitors is modern test equipment available to average mechanics and homeowners only has a certain voltage to work with and is not very sophisticated. You can test using a down and dirty method by placing an ohmmeter on the resistance scale. Place one probe on the can, the other on the terminal. If good the capacitor should slowly charge up and the display would show a smooth transition of changing numbers until it reached a point and stopped. Speed of change depends on the capacity. Obviously if it immediately went to a low number and stayed it would indicate a short and if it never moved off infinity, an open. Problem is nothing except a proper old style condenser checker can find a breakdown voltage. It might test good at a low voltage and the first high emf surge typical in an auto ignition point system could break it down.

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