Re: Electrical systems

Posted by JeromeSolberg On 2023/2/5 19:15:25
I don't quite understand the condenser that you hold in your hand. It's maybe a coil? The condenser in the ignition in a 1953 Packard Cavalier should be (now I am speaking about a Delco distributor like in my car, I guess they may have also used Autolite) is very small and fits under the distributor cap, along with and attached to the same plate as the points.

If you are worried about the points and condensers new ones are available from Kanter and Max, it's good to have spares around anyhow if the car ends up getting driven any distance.

That doesn't quite look big enough to be the coil. I think coil testing is a bit easier to do, it's mostly just verifying continuity. But I have never done it.

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