Re: Electrical systems

Posted by Kenken  On 2023/2/6 1:28:04
Yeah I the original coil is no good that was pulled out I don't know when but I tested that and that's not good the coil that's in it which I took out cuz I replaced the plug wires and stuff I think it tested okay they can test it good but I did pick one up from AutoZone anyways just to be on the safe side so in that one itself says that it should be the the primary should be I don't know between one and 1.5 I think it's within range the secondary is between I think it said five point zero to 9.0 or something I really can't remember what the specs are but it did test within the range and the one that was previously in it I believe tested in the same range as well so I'm going to use the one that was in it and go from there I know the plugs are good although I'll pull them out anyways just to see what they look like but those are new plugs and I replace the wires plug wires it wouldn't surprise me if it needs a new cap and rotor the points I was told were replaced no I'm not sure I can't really tell cuz I don't know anything about them so but the ones that are currently on there look like they've been replaced new or newer. the set of points that are sitting on the fender look like they're the old ones but those ones still have the felt on them the ones that are currently on the vehicle don't have felt I don't know if that means anything or not but we're going to find out and I'm going to like I said I'm going to pick up a condenser tomorrow so fingers crossed lol. So the inside of the cap those pins were definitely corroded or had something on them they took a piece of Emery cloth and cleaned them and the rotor the end piece is it's not swear it's kind of round on one side and there is black stuff which I'm assuming is probably carving on both sides of the rotor it's hard black I've tried to clean it off I can scrape a little bit of it off but not much even with the emery cloth it doesn't do much

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