Re: Electrical systems

Posted by Tim Cole On 2023/2/6 9:32:50
That looks like a radio noise suppressor.

There are two cheap ways to test those things. One is buy a multi-meter with the capacitance testing function. I have a KAL (poor man's Sun) 3001 which cost $30 bucks on junkbay. Another is to test the resistance and use a chart that gives the capacitance for the reading in Ohms.

Bottom line for these condensers is if you look in the specifications, they give the capacitance in micro farads (.18-.28) and you can put any old electrolytic capacitor from junkbay in there to make the car run. The purpose of the thing is to absorb the voltage spike from the collapsing magnetic field in the primary windings when the points open. Not the best method, but it was cheap.

I suppose the can types sold for the distributor are somewhat heavier duty than those used for a radio or TV.

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