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Posted by HH56 On 2023/2/6 10:10:15
So in the picture that I posted there's a wire running from the top of the points that runs down to the side where the condenser would Hook from you know outside the distributor can I just take that wire off and just leave it like that with no wire

The two black wires I see in your photo both need to stay. The longer top wire from the nut at the points to the nut on the black bakelite block is the signal from the points that goes on to the coil. The black bakelite is just an insulator and the stud thru it completes the path to another terminal which is outside the distributor case. That outside terminal connects to the coil and is probably where the old outside condenser connected. Any wire that was between the old condenser and outside terminal could be eliminated.

The shorter wire connecting between a screw threaded into the case near the cap hold down clip to a screw on the plate where the vacuum advance arm fastens is a ground wire. Because the plate is mounted on bearings and continuously moves, it may not always have a good solid ground so that wire is present to provide a reliable ground connection from the metal distributor case to the points and condenser can.

The new condenser wire would connect to the nut at the top of the points just as the picture from the SM shows. Because clearance is tight and the plate moves just be sure to mount the condenser can so it does not touch anything else that moves and route the condenser wire so there is no chance it will rub or get caught on the rotor or anything else .

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