Re: Electrical systems

Posted by su8overdrive On 2023/2/6 20:25:48
Right. I'm with Howard HH56, being of a certain age. Are we really going PC here, too? Wrecking yards were called that at best, but junkyards was the common term then. This site is about historical correctness, and Howard's the last soul here gathered any of us should chastise.

Many of us owe this gentleman and scholar immeasurable thanks.

Obviously, frugal people in the day, nascent hot rodders, customizers, DIYers, frequented "junkyards." Dutch Darrin so picked up Hudson door handles, etc. They were of great and economic value. Still are even if called "auto recyclers."

Does PCdom overrule common sense?

Tell you one thing, having lived long enough to frequent both, junkyards cheaper than auto recyclers -- and recycling close to a religion as this animist not above proclaiming Reformed Druidism if it gets him into the right clubs has.

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