Re: Electrical systems

Posted by acolds On 2023/2/7 11:45:24
Back in late 50s and early 60 I would go to certain junkyards where you were allowed to walk around and look for parts. Remove them talk to one of workers pay him some cash which they used for coffee money these were for 1950 cars I had . Later in 70 would still be able to find parts this way upgraded some of my cars with power seats door and trunk locks. In 80s wenr to upure big time operation compared to the former places I visited. Learned a lot in this process including that wiper heater and radios could be used in different brands such as accrossed the GM brand or Ford Chrysler American motors. Came acrossed a lot of rare parts then which I should have kept to sell later for large sums of money. One of which was the late 60 buick plastic square air cleaner or Pontiac 3 two barrel manifold and air cleaner.Found supercharger set up for Studebaker from wrecked 57 Packard for cheap. Many treasure were to be had just for looking Sandard transmission convertion kits were there all we had to do was remove all the needed parts to replace a worn out automatic transmission. These were good place to get cheap brake drums or even wheels for winter tires. These were the days when I was young and low on money high on energy. These also provided a lot of good times with my brothers and other friends still have memories

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