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Posted by Tim Cole On 2023/2/7 14:59:35
I don't understand how calling the junknet is somehow political.

Attached is a photo of a controller I made up. Push the button and the transistor turns on. Push it again and the transistor turns off. It runs on 6 volts.

The transistor runs to 85/86 on a relay that carries a 40 amp load. I bought the parts on junkbay because Radio Shack stores are gone. I tried about nine different circuits from the junknet until I found one that works. The transistor part I added myself. I forgot that I have the old Radio Shack do it yourself circuits book around here someplace.

I have been trying for months to get stone delivered. Everything on the junknet and junklist is a scam. Even the listing in the printed yellow pages is no help. I have driven to places and found a vacant lot. I don't call it the junknet for nothing. I tried to find a dump truck for rent and those sites are scams.

Think about that.

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