Re: Can I substitue a 1949 288 for my 1951 288

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2023/2/19 12:00:22
Most things can be adapted, so it's probably not a drop in as noted.
Why would you not consider to rebuild your '51 engine? or is block toast?

My '49 has the front "bow" mount, as it sits on the cradle in the garage and it simply attaches to the frame on each side, so if that area is cut out/adapted it could be transplantable.
I'm not sure how the frames differ, but cradling is common, a few extension tabs. ie, fabbed, non-Pack OEM. A racing engine will have a plate/mounts made to attach it. It would just have to be stout enough to support the weight and torq. No HP here.

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