Re: Engine numbers

Posted by Dave O On 2023/3/18 8:55:51
I did some research last night and found out some things. The engine number indicates it was for a 49 or 50 Packard. The title states it is a 1949. The Chassis number 3282-5-17241 indicates it is a 23rd series 1950. Using Robert Neal's book on the 1948 to 1950 Packard's. The car falls within the range of renumbered 1949 23rd series Super Eight cars that had not sold by October 2nd of 1949 when the 1950 23rd series came out.( renumbered car range from 2382-5-16196 to 2382-5-17983) for Super Eight cars. So now I know the engine is correct. The tittle should have been changed not just the Chassis identification plate by Packard. But it is truly a 1949 23rd series Super Eight.

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