Re: Manifold Washers

Posted by Joe On 2023/6/23 22:09:46
I think I'm overthinking this one. I don't have any sort of an engineering background, so I always try to stick to whatever came on the car if possible, and when I find myself deviating from what was originally on the car, I get concerned.

The issue I keep thinking of (that may not be an issue at all) is that the original washers, thick as they are, aren't just doing the work a washer does, but also adding rigidity to the mount. I didn't stack washers because I honestly didn't know if that sort of setup would indeed mimic the rigidity of the solid washer, or if the stacked washers would still be able to slide or bend. The unknown and question for me is although the modern washer is physically thinner and lighter, is the material out of which it's made stronger than the original, and is it adequate to both distribute the load of the nut and ensure the mount is wholly rigid?

The main thing for me is that this is the second time I'm doing this particular project since doing it about eight months ago. I've learned a lot in that time and found most of the "prep work" I had done, and the "process" I "followed" was simply inadequate, and I had both vacuum and exhaust leaks. Take away - I just don't want to do this project again until the engine is getting a full makeover, and I'm being overly cautious and doing my best to hit it fully informed/prepared. Fast forward to this time around... tracked down the correct hanger for the exhaust pipe so that stops swinging and pulling the flange apart, better prepared surface on the block, had the exhaust/intake surfaces milled together to account for warping/pitting, better plan for approaching the fastening of the manifold (inside studs to out), and so on. I just don't want my gaskets to fail because I didn't use the right washers...

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