Re: Manifold Washers

Posted by TxGoat On 2023/6/23 22:30:01
When you get the washer issue sorted out, I suggest that you carefully torque the nuts or bolt much the way you would do head bolts/nuts. Tighten them in 3 stages, then run the engine for a few minutes, shut it off, and recheck them all.

After that, I'd drive it normally for 15-20 miles, then shut it down and let it cool, then recheck again for even tightness.

Excessive tightening can break a fastener or crack one or both manifolds.
Of course, they have to be tight enough.
Use factory torque specs, if available.

I'd use a torque wrench regardless. Be sure all threads are in good condition and clean. I'd put a little oil or Neverseize on them.

Most inline engines I've come across have the thick washers or washer plates on the manifold assembly mounting, and the manifold flanges do not fit tightly around the studs or bolts that hold them to the block or head.

There are challenges with mounting these assemblies due to the extreme temperaturers the exhaust manifold reaches, while at the same time the intake manifold is both hot and cold under many operating conditions.

Some stretch and slip is designed into the fasteners and gasketing to allow for unequal expansion.

I'd want to follow the manufacturer's recommended procedures as closely as possible.

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