Does this keep it original questions

Posted by Frank on 2009/5/11 16:25:34
I brought the 54 Clipper into the local glass shop to replace the passenger and rear passenger windows that had some cracks. During discussions, it made sense to replace the weather stripping that the windows slide up/down in to a nice black felt like material. That's when I realized I'd have the passenger side looking one way and the drivers side looking the other so I said "what the heck" replace the windows on the drivers side (which are looking worn) and put in new window slide material as well. I hope I'm not deviating from original to the point where I would be having a negative impact on the overall car but this material is different than what the car came with. Then I noticed a nice sunroof/moonroof in the waiting area that I could have installed for $400. So I was wondering if I were to do this, would I be violating the originality rules? I'm not sure if the new weather stripping is technically original and I know the sunroof wouldn't be either. If I had an extra $1,500 or so, I'd like the Coker Wire Wheels but I'm not sure that they were on the original Clipper's back in the day. I welcome anyones thought's on where you draw th originality line. Yep, I know this has been discussed before, but maybe not in the context of something as small as window slides, a sunroof and Wire Rims. Thanks

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