Re: Does this keep it original questions

Posted by Owen_Dyneto on 2009/5/11 16:40:05
Then I noticed a nice sunroof/moonroof in the waiting area that I could have installed for $400. So I was wondering if I were to do this, would I be violating the originality rules?

Boy, I'm flabbergasted. To be concerned about the authenticity of window channel material, and yet ask if a moonroof would be nonauthentic - wow!. I don't know what "rules" you might have in mind, the only ones I think of are judging standards; if you're into that sort of think the moonroof is of course an absolute NO. Lot's of us deviate from original in some small manner, sometimes as a matter of necessity, sometimes practicality, but often it's done with something that can easily be reversed later to preserve authenticity if the next owner is more concerned about that. For example, radial tires can be replaced, Pertronic electronic ignition can be removed, even a TorqueFlite transmission can be replaced with an Ultramatic. But reversing a moonroof is a bit more of an issue.

But bottom line, it's your car and your money. But don't expect the major car clubs to look too kindly towards a moonroof, they are mostly all dedicated to preserving original features and restoring to original.

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