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Posted by Don on 2009/5/11 22:48:10
During the 1970's sunroof craze, many companies were making them to fit any car from, t-tops, complete removable panels over the driver compartments, flip up tinted glass sunroofs, and even custom vans with half roof dark shaded tops. It seems people were putting them into everything. Alot of people put them into their older cars as well.

Every couple of months we get a call at the shop for someone looking for a complete Hardtop cut at the sail panels & roof pillars to repair one of these very popular custom jobs. Believe me,it is expensive to go back to original once you've chopped into the top. However, I have seen some very nice '60s cars with a sunroff very tastefully installed. I have also seen them with roofing caulk oozing out of the seams from people trying to seal them up. Either way, make sure you will be happy with it before hand. Cut out a template in dark paper and lay it on the top of your car. Walk around the car and see if you can see it from different angles. If done tastefully, it might be nice.

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