Re: Headlight compatibility between models years

Posted by HH56 On 2023/9/24 10:15:57
Headlight assy illustration is on plate 77 in 48-54 parts book and is group 4.1300 which starts on page 134 of electrical section 4. While a lot of the individual parts are the same thru 54, complete assys have different part numbers. There is a right and left for 22-23 series as well as different buckets for whatever alum lamps and hall steel lamps might be.

The 22-23 right and left difference is probably because of the assembled length of the interconnect cable needed from the bucket to the single junction block on left fender. Parts says the actual buckets are the same R and L so should interchange without the cable. No idea what is different between the alum lamp and hall steel lamp buckets or if they could be mixed.

51-4 LHD drive cars use a single assy number and is the same right and left. The main loom is different on those years with a second junction block on the right fender. Suspect that is why they can use the same assy.

The hoods or beauty rings are stamped metal in 22-23 models while I believe they are a mixture of stamped and cast pot metal in the later years. Am fairly sure all 51-4 will interchange with each other because all the buckets and fenders are the same. Not so sure if the later rings will go on the 22-23 series since those years have different buckets and shape of fenders. There is also the difference in styling or finish between the various models and years to consider.

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