Re: Chrome & Stainless Steel

Posted by 53 Cavalier On 2023/10/6 12:35:01

HH56 wrote:
During Korean War production there were material shortages and Packard issued a general guide as to the composition of most exterior trim items and what had to be changed to meet war restrictions. The enamel coated or so called war chrome was prevalent in 52 models and is an issue to restorers of those cars today.

With 53 production many if not all of the restrictions had been lifted and parts production mostly went back to normal -- although I suspect there could have been some war chrome items still in the parts bin that wound up on a few 53 cars. I believe the first two columns in the list are accurate for 53 models and probably most of the war chrome column labeled as enamel covered had gone back to the normal fully plated chrome finish as well.

Thanks Howard, this is EXACTLY what I needed!

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