Re: Chrome & Stainless Steel

Posted by Packard Don On 2023/10/7 14:19:12
On my 1952 Henney-Packard which was all original and came from an Emeryville, CA museum when I bought it and had been there a number of years, the grille teeth and oval around them were yellowed. No problem stripping it off with a non-scratching Scotch pad, chrome cleaner, then some wax and it lasted as long as I owned it. This was all done in place without any disassembly.

However, one day at a PAC NorCal event on Treasure Island which is in the San Francisco Bay, the car was parked for only an hour or so and the saltwater mists gave all the potmetal pieces a flat white coating so right after the meet, ally the pieces has to be removed and replated. The only pieces that didn’t have the issue where the stone guards on the lower rear fenders and that’s because they were cast bronze but got a replating anyway.

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