Re: Chrome & Stainless Steel

Posted by HH56 On 2023/10/9 10:20:30
I can't help but wonder if dealers and owners completely removing and then not replacing the enamel covering or "film" over the war chromed grille when it was new might have hastened and worsened the deterioration that we see on many 52s.

When announcing the use of war chrome in the service counselor article linked in the second post, Packard wrote several paragraphs explaining cautions in cleaning and then how to repair the covering should it be scratched in use. A few months later they issued another article cautioning dealers to no longer use the Blue Coral as was originally suggested as being a safe to use cleaner because that product was found to be damaging the covering. If they went to the trouble of explaning how to protect it doubt they intended for it to be removed.

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