Re: Chrome & Stainless Steel

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2023/10/10 16:48:04
Usually pretty easy to identify SS vs chrome trim. There's a noticeable difference in luster. SS will rust stain but usually won't pit.(saltwater excluded) Pitting is common in white metal chromed trim. The white metal goes bad over time too even if the "chrome" is good.
Just because the chrome is off/thin, doesn't mean much as it's easy to over clean chrome and wear off the chrome layer with the polish compounds. It's only on there at a small amount. Copper and nickel do the heavy plating. If it's dull then likely the chrome is gone - nickel showing, if the copper is showing the nickel is gone too.
SS can be heavily buffed/polished as it's the same metal all the way through. It's just thin metal to start with.

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