22 -23 series ID question

Posted by HH56 On 2023/10/7 11:28:35
There is a discussion on the PAC forum about a recent auction purchase. The auction photos and numbers provided by the new owner appear to be for a 22nd series eight with the question of it being renumbered or actually a 22nd made for sale as a 49 still unresolved.

The interesting part is the discussion went into build slips and I gave information on where they had been found by others. The owner looked and posted a photo of one he said he found which appears to be wrong for the car. I have asked where in the car he found it and am still awaiting an answer.

EDIT. Just got a response and it was found at the gas tank so conceivably the tank came from the other car so that would explain how that slip came to be with the car.

Now for the interesting part. The way I interpret the build slip it is for a 23rd series and with a low sequence number and the use of paint code R which paint code info in Bob Neal's book saying was only used on 1550 23rd series anniversary gold cars would seem to indicate it is for one of those special cars. There is one number at the first entry of the slip I cannot interpret. Maybe someone here could.

Would any of the 22-23 guys like to look at the postings and offer suggestions or corrections on whether I am wrong in my interpretation of the slip and if it actually did come from an anniversary car.https://www.packardclub.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&p=30527#p30516

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