Re: New Radiator for 49 Standard 8

Posted by Rich49 On 2023/10/16 6:48:07
Tks for the comments and suggestions. The outside temp on the test day was 79F and on flat ground.

I didn't mess with the thermostat and have no idea what the orifice diameter is. When I cut the old hose off I was pleased that the neck on the housing was not corroded and falling apart.

The 6 volt fuel pump mounting location was selected after reading other reviews covering mounting locations and pushing vs drawing fuel. I don't like crawling under cars anymore. The pump draws fuel just fine and doesn't flood the carburetor at idle. The OEM fuel/vacuum pump is still mounted with the fuel line bypassed. May pull it and rebuild same this winter.

Fabricating a fan shroud is a good idea to enhance cooling and safety while working on the engine while it is running. During the radiator installation I painted the inside tips of the fan white to make it more visible.

I didn't consider repairing the OEM radiator after talking to a friend that paid $900 to fix the one on his 48 Buick and it took six weeks.

I'll put the OEM radiator up for sale when I am satisfied that the new one is meeting my expectations.

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